At its III edition, Innovation Village is a conference / exhibition on Innovation promoted by the Campania Regional Government

The event aims at fostering the creation of a collaborative network among institutions / systems and spontaneous processes of innovation, in order to bring innovation into small and medium enterprises, to facilitate investments, to support startups and innovation at any level.

The new edition of Innovation Village continues fostering a national and international debate on Industry 4.0 – one of the main challenges for Italian innovation policies -, focusing on a circular perspective.


3000 participants from business and research
3000 sqm for exhibitors
60 talks, conferences, training courses
200 international speakers
250 business to business meetings scheduled on the b2b web platform of the event


What you can find at Innovation Village

  • > VISIBILITY for enterprises, entities, associations and makers who develop and produce innovation

  • > Research-business DIRECT MEETINGS

  • > Focuses and workshops on HOT TOPICS and STRATEGIES, with national private and public stakeholders

  • > Focus on HI-TECHNOLOGIES



  • The future of plastics in a circular economy scenariofor enterprises, entities, associations and makers who develop and produce innovation

    Organizer: Atia Iswa Italia

  • Sustainable leather industry

    Organizer: BIOlogic – biofablab by KforBusiness and Medaarch. In collaboration with CRIB@Italian Institute of Technology

  • Virtual reality and digital manufacturing for the job security

    Organizer: INAIL Campania Regional Branch

  • Talking about innovation creates new innovation

    Organizer: Scintille – contest of the National Council of Engineers

  • School Village: digital skills in a changing school

    Organizer: KforB in collaboration with Campania Regional Government

  • BIM: managing buildings’ life-cycle

    Organizer: Ordine degli Ingegneri di Napoli – Fed spinoff

  • Cities as key drivers for innovation and inclusive growth

  • Agrifood: how to improve the transformation chain in a sustainable way

    Organizer: National Council for Research, Institute of Polymers, Composites and biomaterials


Innovation Village hosts a certain number of workshops and conferences co-organized with its partners


Planning and governance of regional and national Plans on Industry 4.0

Organizer: Innovation Village, Campania Regional Government

Competence centres, Digital Innovation hubs (both are structures for the governance of the national Industry 4.0 Plan), Public Institutions and professional associations discuss about a new alliance for Industry 4.0 in the Southern Italy

Blue Growth, the Italian roadmap

Organizer: Innovation Village

A debate among the main national players focused on logistics, sustainable energy, new technologies

Soil bio-remediation

Organizer: University of Naples Federico II: Department of Agriculture and CRISP, research centre on Earth Critical Zone

Innovative, sustainable and competitive bioremediation technologies on contaminated area: a successful case study in Campania Region, a new model of evaluation and intervention for everywhere

Towards a circular model of industry 4.0

Organizer: Innovation Village, Campania Regional Government, University of Naples Federico II, ATIA-ISWA

By implementing Industry 4.0 systems, companies can maximise the productivity, and energy and resource efficiency of their production activities and contribute to the reduction of associated CO2 emissions.
Reducing the production of wastes, designing new sustainable products and creating real-time digital marketplaces for by-product exchanges are the new watchwords for any Industry 4.0 transformation


Open Innovation Platform: a new tool for connecting big players to innovation

Organizer: Campania Regional Government

The Campania Regional Government will launch some technological challenges gathered by national big comanies on its web-platform, facilitating the match with the innovation offer

Roundtables for European partnership: bioplastics, industry 4.0, intelligent energy, sustainable constructions, biotechnologies, blue growth

Organizer: Enterprise Europe Network

On Thursday and Friday participants can register for attending 6 international thematic roundtables for submitting Eu projects and cooperation. For attending, registration is mandatory on the B2match web-platform  at this link

Business / Research to Business meetings

Organizer: Enterprise Europe Network

On Thursday and Friday participants can have access for free to a personalized agenda of meetings, by scheduling on the B2match web-platform at this link

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